JR: Studio Lighting Portraits

1st Lighting set up

Lighting Set Up 1

I like the use of the hair light here, especially on the model on the right. I like how it brings her hair colour out. I also think she has amazing eyes (one green, one blue) so I preferred to keep this in colour.

_MG_6254Finalbw1  _MG_6240-Edit

2nd Lighting set up

image (2)

I wanted the image on the left to be a bit warmer. I really like the laughing shot, even if her eyes are closed.

_MG_6330fin  _MG_6326fin

Here’s a random one of Nicoles model looking very Mona Lisa’ish! This was the same lighting set up as the top images accept with a snoot pointing at the background instead of a hairlight.



Assignment 3 (JR): Viewpoint & Colour Portraits

For the past few weeks my household has been battling a gastro bug. So getting willing portrait subjects to come near me proved difficult! Good thing we’ve got each other!

1. Worms Eye View

_MG_1775  _MG_1815

Lucia dog looks really savage, but she’s really a pussycat who just gets super excited with toys! And my husband is one of those strange creatures who surfs during the middle of winter.

2. Birds Eye View

_MG_1795  _MG_1841

The husband and I had a lot of fun with his trombone (he is brass band nerd) playing around with birds eye and worms eye. It was hard to cull them down to this one. Lots of faces were pulled!

3. Colour of your choice

_MG_1740  _MG_5296

Orange Oscar and Blue Oscar. Two colours which have always suited him I think.

4. Complimentary Colours

_MG_1647 _MG_1751

And again, his two favourite colours happen to compliment each other. Everybody wins!




… a few funny outakes … #dogbomb

_MG_1856 _MG_1771