JR: Studio Lighting Portraits

1st Lighting set up

Lighting Set Up 1

I like the use of the hair light here, especially on the model on the right. I like how it brings her hair colour out. I also think she has amazing eyes (one green, one blue) so I preferred to keep this in colour.

_MG_6254Finalbw1  _MG_6240-Edit

2nd Lighting set up

image (2)

I wanted the image on the left to be a bit warmer. I really like the laughing shot, even if her eyes are closed.

_MG_6330fin  _MG_6326fin

Here’s a random one of Nicoles model looking very Mona Lisa’ish! This was the same lighting set up as the top images accept with a snoot pointing at the background instead of a hairlight.



One thought on “JR: Studio Lighting Portraits

  1. Great work Charlotte !!! you should be very happy with your images from the studio shoot, you were organized and worked well amongst the different sets we used on the day and with all the models. Keep sketching out diagrams as you shoot not just in the studio but even for your outdoor and inside location images as well it will help you analyze the direction of light and what works and doesn’t.

    Next step for you is to work on your communication now with your subjects to add even more life to your images and think about conceptual ideas with the people you want to photograph.

    Well done I love your commitment to improving your photography and all your hard work, your blog is looking great. See you Saturday

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