Assignment: Self Portrait / Collage (Andy J)

We weren’t necessarily supposed to blog this assignment for Andy’s class, but I find it helps me keep track of everything!

Instead of going down a more traditional collage type image I decide to play around with ‘Clones’ or ‘Multiplicity’ in Photoshop. This basically involves setting up a tripod and moving to different positions within the frame for each shot, stacking them up in Photoshop and removing areas of the image till eventually there are 2, 3, 4, 5, 1000 of you! Hopefully it fulfills the brief! It definitely involves, layers, masks, clipping selections, inverting, deselecting, nudging etc! I find I’m a bit of perfectionist with Photoshop so I get annoyed when things don’t look seamless. It’s all a learning process I guess.

I did a few different set up’s but went with this one as my final image.


I really HATE having my photo taken, so I hammed it up with the pose of my central self. You lose a bit of detail when the image is reduced down for the web but I purposefully made my makeup dishevelled (threw in the shoes) as if I’d been crying (or throwing a tantrum who knows!). The middle clone looks more like a serial killer then a hairdresser, but I kept her because I liked the double the shadow the soft box and the window created. I really wanted to add a mirror in the background and reflect another cloned me, but Husband (aka crusher of creative dreams … ok maybe a tad dramatic) wasn’t too keen on me putting a hole in the wall for art’s sake. I’m a big fan of the painter Diego Velázquez, and this is my somewhat homage to his very famous painting of angles and perspective, ‘Les Meninas’. There is a clone of a “photographer” there, but who is then taking the picture? Hrmmm, interesting… haha

I did a few warm up shots around my house. It had been awhile since i’ve played around with cloning. It is great fun, but I was reminded how hard it is in photoshop when your clones “overlap” and also how tricky it can be to get the same light across all images. Especially when outside.

When reduced down in size I lost a lot of the sharpness.


The light here was terrible but it was only a practice shot. I wish I had a more side on access bathroom. The clone brushing her teeth is lost a bit due to the angle.



2 thoughts on “Assignment: Self Portrait / Collage (Andy J)

  1. Charlotte! These are so playful, it’s great to see you enjoying the techniques you are learning in class and getting the most from them! A bit of perfectionism is handy when it comes to photoshop manipulation – nothing worse than obvious flaws in an image (unless they’re intentional). I’m a bit undecided on the reflection in the shower screen – which version of you it belongs to and whether it should appear in the mirror reflection as well or not! A tough lighting situation too.

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