Portraits (JR) … so far

The weather has not been my friend over these past two weeks. Sunday was looking wonderful. I had (semi) willing models and a lovely backdrop (Cranbourne Botanic Gardens). About 5 mins in the rain came. And hasn’t stopped since. Sigh …

1. Two different subjects in Landscape and Portrait.

I wasn’t able to get the shots with them both lined up similarly before the downpour. Having a 8 month old and 6 week old in toe didn’t quite help! We tried some funny faces and serious faces. I quite like how the background warms up a cold day, but i’m unsure if it is distracting?

IMG_1358 IMG_1365

IMG_1371 IMG_1367

It’s interesting to see despite the fact these shoots were taken one after the other that they are quite different. I wonder if hair colour plays a role or just my dodgy technical skills :p!

2. Open crop format.

IMG_1318 IMG_1337 IMG_1480 IMG_1486

Taken around the house. The husband and I had an interesting time playing around with a bedside lamp and some bouce flash in the top two. Wondering if the top left is a bit too revealing to be an interesting enough example. I managed to get a sharp eye, which is something I seem to struggle with.

Are dogs allowed? Haha. Lucia-pup decided to crash the photo shoot with Oscar and I in front of the white blind in the bedroom. The bottom right shot I do like and have a penchant for the white dreamy look (over exposed I guess) but its quite soft and not sharp enough perhaps.

3. Negative Space

IMG_0932-2 IMG_1344 IMG_1394 IMG_1470

I’m confident I have a focus on both of Oscar’s eyes in top left. I’m pretty happy with this image. I like the impression of texture in top right with the jacket hood. I wanted the negative space to draw you to her face, but also imply she was out in the wilderness somewhere. I took the time to meter closely on her face to get the right exposure.

In bottom left we were having a bit of fun with the trench and glasses. Getting some interesting looks from various people. My aim for the negative space is to further imply mystery … perhaps … ? Bottom right is Oscar again. His curious little face, what is he so interested in?

4. Weightlessness

I’ve found this one pretty challenging! I’m dedicating the next few days to this one.

IMG_1304 IMG_1309

IMG_1627 IMG_1617 IMG_1616    IMG_1628

IMG_1402 IMG_1404 IMG_1406


Any feedback would be appreciated.




2 thoughts on “Portraits (JR) … so far

  1. When you are unsure of your background being a distraction, use a really shallow depth of field and reduce the background to shape and colour without any detail.

  2. Hi Charlotte

    I’ve enjoyed looking at your images and reading your posts. You are working well with people close to you this is great it enables you to focus on the things you need to explore without having to also focus on someone completely new to you. Once you are more comfortable you can then start to explore the challenges of photographing unfamiliar subjects. Keeping your backgrounds simple and clean is an affective way to have your subject ‘pop’ you asked if your background was a distraction no it’s almost solid colour in your landscape and portrait assignment provides that simple clean background enabling the viewer to focus in on your subject. I love that you are having some fun with your images the outtakes with the dog are great !!! keep shooting and challenging yourself with new lighting situations and challenging people. The use of a white or silver reflector will improve some of your images in getting just a bit more spark in the eyes for example.

    Great work keep shooting – Joel

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