Assignment 1 (DT) – Line

Everywhere I look I see lines. Then suddenly when faced with a task of capturing line, they seemed to allude me! We got there in the end.

Test (1 of 1)

A lot of lines happening here. I find my eye roaming around this shot because different lines keep leading me estray. I do like the light drawing of the head lights though. If I had my time again i’l recompose and eliminate some of the foreground perhaps.

I saw this as quite an obvious leading line, but then I noticed the Pier also creates a line which takes your eye off into the water perhaps?

I found these two interesting. Lots of line. In the direction they’re growing. Their bristles and the green leaves.

Oscar’s toy train made a good leading line. If i’d had my time again (and perhaps a less wiggly 8 month old) I would of taken this with a different depth of field to focus the beginning of the train.

Again I was drawn to the many different lines, whereas some may find it a bit manic. I see line in the light post, pier and tall masts.

Beautiful use of organic and man made here at the Cranbourne Botanic Gardens. Lots of interesting lines.


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