JR Assignment – Portraits (Fine Art x2)

Fine Art Portraits

My aim was to explore the themes of identity and more so the struggle to find individuality as an introverted personality. I see the tall weeds as loud extroverted voices and the figure attempting to find her way through and make her mark. Does she re-imagine her identity and deliberately extrovert herself to prove her worth? Or does she accept and continue to look inward to find some conclusions?







DT Assignment: Premier Pro Assignment


Assignment F & G for Steph R

[Everythings best viewed BIG. Click to make it large!]_MG_6734

My subject is a former beachside Milk Bar, one of many defunct small businesses dotted along Melbourne’s Nepean Highway. In this work the Milk Bar stands long abandoned as a place of business, but presents a few clues to its repurposed life as a residence. Many of these old Milk Bars remain in a state of perpetual limbo. Unable to survive as their original intent amongst the super market monopolies, yet also unable to be removed or altered due to heritage overlays. My aim of this image is to capture life as it once was but at the same time as it currently is. The fading commercial advertising which would have previously lured us in is now juxtaposed against the heavy strung curtain and blocked out door telling us to quickly move on. To me this speaks volumes about the cultural shift away from small family run enterprises and the fast march towards modern 24/7 convenience.

Reflection Piece

Researching the history of photography and the work of other photographers proved to by a very effective source of inspiration for me personally in this project. I think I was able to draw inspiration easily from my chosen photographers, and was surprised with the depth of my intent and purpose in my final image. I drew little bits of inspiration from each of my three photographers I researched (Cartier-Bresson, Martin Parr and Eugene Atget), while eventually focusing strongly on themes of social commentary (Parr) and the quest for documentation before modernization (Atget). I initially struggled with finding direction and focus. I felt uninspired by my suburban surrounds and assumed I needed to travel into more interesting modern landscapes to get visually pleasing street imagery. I then became inspired by Atget’s shop front images in particular and then connected this with Martin Parr’s shop images full of working class societal overtones.

I began to reminisce about corner shops of my childhood. It gave me the idea of revisiting the Milk Bar’s I frequented along the beach at Seaford and Carrum growing up. The idea’s of past and present began to blossom from there on in. And from there a story unfolded and repeated itself from Frankston right up to Sandringham. Little abandoned places of business, once such a huge part the community I grew up in. The surprise for me was from where this process started, to where it eventually ended up. I questioned my own reasons for abandoning my local Corner Shop/Milk Bar for the bright clean and quick supermarket. Oh to realise I have a part to play in this cultural decay! Who knew a little bit of photographic research could lead me to question myself in such a way! This was a lot of fun.

Now for some outtakes …

Abandoned Motel & Milk Bar

_MG_6764  _MG_6804

Abandoned Garage & Service Station

_MG_6847 _MG_6872

You’d be proud of me Steph as I dug out my old SLR and found it had 13 frames left of 12 years passed expiry Kodak film in it. These are the results. No VSCO presets needed! I think the age of the film has emphasised the graininess. I really like them!

__2_00024 __8_00018__7_00019 _10_00016

  __4_00022 __9_00017

_12_00014 _14_00012

                             Double Exposure

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JR: Studio Lighting Portraits

1st Lighting set up

Lighting Set Up 1

I like the use of the hair light here, especially on the model on the right. I like how it brings her hair colour out. I also think she has amazing eyes (one green, one blue) so I preferred to keep this in colour.

_MG_6254Finalbw1  _MG_6240-Edit

2nd Lighting set up

image (2)

I wanted the image on the left to be a bit warmer. I really like the laughing shot, even if her eyes are closed.

_MG_6330fin  _MG_6326fin

Here’s a random one of Nicoles model looking very Mona Lisa’ish! This was the same lighting set up as the top images accept with a snoot pointing at the background instead of a hairlight.


Assignment: Self Portrait / Collage (Andy J)

We weren’t necessarily supposed to blog this assignment for Andy’s class, but I find it helps me keep track of everything!

Instead of going down a more traditional collage type image I decide to play around with ‘Clones’ or ‘Multiplicity’ in Photoshop. This basically involves setting up a tripod and moving to different positions within the frame for each shot, stacking them up in Photoshop and removing areas of the image till eventually there are 2, 3, 4, 5, 1000 of you! Hopefully it fulfills the brief! It definitely involves, layers, masks, clipping selections, inverting, deselecting, nudging etc! I find I’m a bit of perfectionist with Photoshop so I get annoyed when things don’t look seamless. It’s all a learning process I guess.

I did a few different set up’s but went with this one as my final image.


I really HATE having my photo taken, so I hammed it up with the pose of my central self. You lose a bit of detail when the image is reduced down for the web but I purposefully made my makeup dishevelled (threw in the shoes) as if I’d been crying (or throwing a tantrum who knows!). The middle clone looks more like a serial killer then a hairdresser, but I kept her because I liked the double the shadow the soft box and the window created. I really wanted to add a mirror in the background and reflect another cloned me, but Husband (aka crusher of creative dreams … ok maybe a tad dramatic) wasn’t too keen on me putting a hole in the wall for art’s sake. I’m a big fan of the painter Diego Velázquez, and this is my somewhat homage to his very famous painting of angles and perspective, ‘Les Meninas’. There is a clone of a “photographer” there, but who is then taking the picture? Hrmmm, interesting… haha

I did a few warm up shots around my house. It had been awhile since i’ve played around with cloning. It is great fun, but I was reminded how hard it is in photoshop when your clones “overlap” and also how tricky it can be to get the same light across all images. Especially when outside.

When reduced down in size I lost a lot of the sharpness.


The light here was terrible but it was only a practice shot. I wish I had a more side on access bathroom. The clone brushing her teeth is lost a bit due to the angle.